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Where is the water coming from in my basement?

water coming in the basement

Do you know where your basement water is coming from in Queens, NY?

When you see water in your basement, you start to panic. Where is the water coming from? How much more will come in? Will I get mold? Is this dangerous water that can make me sick? Can I clean it myself? Who do I call?

If there has just been a big rain, then chances are it could just be rainwater, so don’t panic. Unless there is sewage water coming up from your floor drain (and you can tell from the smell), then you may just have surface water coming in.

Water seeping in at the exterior walls, foundation, floors, and just from one location usually indicates surface water problems. Going outside and doing an inspection of the following may give you some answers. Start with inspecting the following:

Check your rain gutters

Make sure they are free-flowing. Being full of leaves or small branches will prevent the water from being carried away which will soak the ground next to your foundation. Remember to check the downspouts as well for blockages. If you aren’t able to do routine maintenance then maybe invest in some type of leaf guards.

At a minimum, your downspouts should extend at least 6 feet away from your home, and 10 feet would be even better. This ensures the water coming off your roof going into the gutters will be carried far enough from the house.

How is your landscape slope?

The ground can settle over the years and change the direction of the water flow making it head towards your house instead of away from it. If there are ground indentations by your foundation, they should be filled with dirt to help carry the water away from the house. Clay-type soils would be best as it helps by repelling water instead of sandy soil that soaks up water.

A civil engineer may be needed to help find a solution if there are hills heading towards your house.

Always investigate any water coming into your home and never leave it unattended or you will have water damage that could easily turn into a moldy situation.

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