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Tips For Preparing Your Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Planning Tips

Fire Prevention Week in the United States runs from October 4-10, 2020. A fire in or around your home can be devastating. That is why we think it is so important to share some tips on how to create a fire escape plan for your home. With the proper fire safety preparedness, you can keep your home and family safe from fire damage.

Get Together and Make a Plan

First, get everyone who lives in your household and make your plan together. This will ensure that everyone is aware and on the same page should a disaster strike. Walk through your home and inspect all of the possible exits and escape routes. If you have children, consider drawing up a floor plan or a map and mark two ways out of each room.

Install Smoke Alarms

Secondly, install smoke alarms in all sleeping rooms, outside of each sleeping room, and on every level of your home. Closed doors can slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire. You want to ensure that you have interconnected smoke alarms, so if one goes off, they all go off.

Make Sure Your Escape Routes Are Clear

When walking through your plan, make sure all of your escape routes are clear and that all doors and windows can easily be opened.

Choose An Outside Meeting Place

Choose an outside meeting place that is a safe distance away in front of your home. Mark this location on your escape plan.

Practice Your Plan

At least twice per year, take time to practice your fire escape plan with your entire family. Practice yelling “Fire” and having your children enact the plan.

As part of our commitment to you and our community, Restoration 1 offers 24/7 fire and smoke damage restoration services. If disaster strikes, our IICRC-certified team at Restoration 1 is here to get you and your home back up and running using the most advanced restoration equipment in the industry.

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