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Water Extraction & Drying Services

Water Extraction & Drying Services

If you experience a flood or other water disaster, we provide Water Extraction & Drying Services

Water Extraction & Drying Services

Every home has a network of water supply and discharge lines that keep your water running smoothly. We take our ease of fresh clean water access for granted. Water plays such an important part in our everyday lives, like having that cup of water in the morning, making a pot of coffee, or taking a shower. This system can also leave you with a big mess if you end up with a burst or leaking pipe, leading to water damage, and is why we offer Water Extraction & Drying Services. Any size leak can lead to significant water damage if not restored properly.

Only use professional services for water extraction and drying to keep your property safe from either further damage. The simple solution, call Restoration 1 of Queens, NY, your trusted experts in water restoration.

Pack-Out Services

If your water disaster is big in Queens, NY, there could be a few inches to a few feet of water sitting on the floor. Possessions sitting in any amount of water are at risk for many reasons, including the potential for mold growth. We pair our water extraction and drying services with pack-out services to ensure all of your possessions are taken care of, safe and secure.

Items such as carpeting, furniture, clothing, and other items need to be sorted and determined what is salvageable, and what must be thrown away. We may be able to restore some items for you, and what isn’t we will dispose of them properly.

Water Extraction & Drying Services for Emergency Water Removal

We can’t plan when water damage will occur and it could happen at any time, day or night. Water pipes can burst behind the wall, above the ceiling, or anywhere. If it’s a hidden leak, it could worsen before you know it. If you notice any water leaking, call immediately to minimize damage.

Restoration 1 provides 24-hour emergency water extraction and drying for any situation. From a burst pipe to an appliance leak, we’re adept at handling such ordeals for our community.

Water Extraction Equipment

We utilize the most advanced restoration equipment and the latest techniques for water extraction to get superb results. When it comes to removing water, we use high-powered pumps, wet vacuums, state-of-the-art dryers, and other key pieces of equipment to get the job done right.

For 24/7 water extraction and drying, call your local Restoration 1. Our IICRC-certified restoration technicians are here for you!

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