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Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation

We Provide Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation

No matter where you have mold, we provide Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation Services for residential and commercial

Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation

Mold can be found about anywhere there is unattended moisture. Call us for Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation. Mold in the attic is generally caused by roof leaks or overflowing gutter water, but is not always the cause. If you have attic mold with no roof leak, then your house contains too much moisture. At Restoration 1 of Queens, we can resolve these issues.

What to Do About Mold in Your Home

Never touch the mold or attempt to clean it yourself. Some things you can do are:

  • Evacuate and remain out of the affected area.
  • Shut off all overhead fans and the HVAC system.
  • Repair plumbing leaks and water damage quickly if possible.
  • Call Restoration 1 of Queens for 24-hour mold remediation and inspection services.

What Not To Do

  • Do not disturb or touch the mold in any way.
  • Don’t allow air to blow across any surface with visible mold growth.
  • Do not attempt to clean or dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t paint or caulk over surfaces that do or did contain mold.
  • Do not use store-bought bleach/disinfectants or other mold products, on the mold colony.

Importance of Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation

While it shouldn’t be taken lightly, mold is a resident in many, many homes and businesses throughout the country. So, remain calm if you find mold growth in your home and call Restoration 1. We guarantee our mold remediation services and will rid your property of mold by removing the mold growth as well as the source, then sanitize and deodorize the affected area to prevent further infestation. After that, we take steps to prevent the return of the mold.

Cause & Risks of Attic Mold

Moisture in your home’s attic comes from excessive moisture and can be present due to roof leaks, faulty pipes or poorly installed ventilation.

  • Roof Leaks: You can track some roof leaks by checking for discoloration around your insulation, wood beams, roof valleys, skylights, or window frames
  • Ventilation: Never cover any vents in your home to ensure ventilation is accessible. You need proper ventilation in your attic since air inside your home travels upwards.

Professional Mold Damage Cleanup & Remediation

If you should discover some mold in your home, no matter the size of the infestation or the cause, such as water damage, resist the urge to clean it yourself. Could your HVAC system be contaminated as well? Call Restoration 1 with our IICRC-certified mold experts, for a complete assessment to find the mold damage and start the remediation process.

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