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Emergency Services

The Team You Want on Your Side After a Disaster for Emergency Services

Contact our restoration team in Queens, NY, immediately if you have experienced a catastrophic event of any type that damaged your home or business from its impact. Restoration 1 of Queens provides Emergency Service disaster response for residential and commercial properties. We respond to your call within the hour. Our team will begin to mitigate the damages and start the restoration process to your home or business as soon as we get there. We will have your property back to its pre-damage conditions in no time.

The emergency response teams at Restoration 1 of Queens are professionally trained to provide expert assistance for all types of damage caused by many different types of catastrophes, including:

Time Is of the Essence!

The priority for any emergency response team should be to keep you safe and prevent further damage. We provide just that at Restoration 1 of Queens. Time is of the essence when your home or business has experienced some kind of disaster. You can easily become displaced if there is a great amount of damage to your home. Similarly, if your business is affected, you could lose a valuable income stream or a customer base that relies on your services. We can remove water, mitigate and restore quickly. Don’t ignore the situation and let your property succumb to further damage. In 23 – 48 hours, mold spores start to grow. If the water damage is not remediated quickly, this can turn into a mold growth explosion. Mold is dangerous to be around, especially if it’s Black Mold.

We can’t schedule disasters, natural or not. They are unpredictable, they don’t care if you are sleeping, awake, day or night, weekday, weekend, holiday, and you may not have the luxury to wait for business hours to contact someone for the cleanup.  Call Restoration 1 around the clock for disaster recovery, damage control, and restoration services after any type of catastrophe.

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