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Cleaning Services Residential & Commercial

Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial

We provide Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Cleaning Services Residential & Commercial

Unintended pet mishaps, spilled beverages, water leaks, and children tracking in dirt and debris are just a few of the reasons to use our Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services. Our team only uses the most advanced cleaning equipment and techniques to get the job done. As a result, there are zero risks of contamination or grime left behind.

You can help ease the burden of your homeowner duties and enjoy a safe clean environment if you utilize our Residential Cleaning Services. We use highly advanced cleaning equipment in addition to our own special techniques to do the job correctly with zero risks of contamination left behind. We can provide you with a regular cleaning schedule. In addition, you can also call ahead to make arrangements if you have a special event planned and need your home or office spruced up.

Certified Restoration Professionals

At Restoration 1 of Queens, we hire only the best technicians certified and trained by the IICRC. We have years of experience and the best technology to address your cleaning needs, from water damage to odor removal.

Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial and The Water Damage Restoration Process

Restoration 1 offers a wide array of all-encompassing restoration services including:

  • Odor Removal – Strong odors from mildew, smoke, or pets can make a home uncomfortable. We can clean furniture, carpeting, and more to remove these foul odors.
  • Carpet Cleaning – When your carpet is old and dirty, it can affect your breathing and overall comfort in your home. Let us clean your carpet to make it fresh again.
  • Air Duct Cleaning – Over time, your home’s air ducts gather a large amount of dust, dirt, and grime. As a result, this degrades your indoor air quality. A clean air duct will have you breathing in safe clean air.

At Restoration 1, we provide top-rated cleaning services. Above all, we promise that our advanced equipment combined with years of experience guarantee that we will get the job done right!

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