Fire and Smoke Residues

Removing Fire and Smoke Residues after a fire in Queens, NY!

Removing Fire and Smoke Residues

Removing Fire and Smoke Residue from your home or business after a fire is paramount for good health!

When it comes to smoke damage, there are 3 main types of Fire and smoke and residues that can be left behind by fire damage in your home:

The most dangerous types of Fire and Smoke Residues:


When oil-based materials are burned, such as plastics and fabrics, synthetic residues will appear. Oil-based materials can include everything from furniture, carpets, window coverings, and electronics just to name a few. When a synthetic material is burning, it produces thick black smoke. This leaves behind a smeary, sticky residue that creates quite a mess if not cleaned up properly. Try to avoid touching any of the residues to prevent smearing as vacuuming is the best approach to cleaning the residues left behind in these types of situations. It is best to clean up these residues using a dry-chemical sponge cleaning method.


Protein fires are caused by the burning of such items as meats and beans. The burning of proteins will leave behind a yellowish-brown residue. The texture of protein fires creates a greasy feeling and can stick to any type of surface. This makes it a real pain to clean up. It is best to go to a hardware-type store and ask for the proper fire cleaning chemicals that will work well on cleaning up protein fires.


Natural fires are caused by the burning of any natural products such as any products made from and wood and paper. Their residue is dry and powdery and is grayish-black in color. Natural fire residues are easier to clean up than synthetic or protein residues. Vacuuming with a bristled brush vacuum can easily remove these types of residues and should then be followed up by using a dry-chemical sponge cleaning method.

In Conclusion, Fire and Smoke Residues should be remediated professionally:

While you may think you can clean these fire damage residues, it is best to call a professional fire damage restoration company like Restoration 1 Queens to get the best possible results.