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Ceiling and Wall Water Damage

Do you know the signs of Ceiling and Wall Water Damage in Queens?

Sometimes, Ceiling and Wall Water Damage can be hidden above your ceiling or behind your walls. Do you know how to spot it?

ceiling and wall water damage

Water damage is the most common form of property damage. The water damage can come from your water-based appliances such as HVAC’s, washing machines, and dishwashers or your plumbing system. When you have a leak, it’s important to have the water damage restored right away to keep the costs lower and protect your health.

If the leak is behind a wall or above the ceiling, it will start to show symptoms.

Watch for these signs to show themselves so you know if you have hidden Ceiling and Wall Water Damage.

Visual damages – visible signs for wall damage can show up looking like a dirty wall, but if there are unexplained stains or peeling paint, then you most likely have a leak behind your wall. The most obvious sign of a ceiling leak is a circular stain that appears darker in the center due to where the water is dripping, and then spreading outwards.

Odors – plumbing or water leaks often form puddles of standing water and will form mold and bacteria leading to odors. The typical smell from this hidden water damage is an earthy musty odor.

Walls warping – drywall soaks up a lot of water and moisture from water leaks. Once saturated, the drywall will curve and bend causing the wall to warp. This can lead to structural damage if left unattended.

Ceiling sagging – if water has penetrated your ceiling materials, the weight of the water will cause your ceiling to sag. This may cause the structural integrity of the ceiling drywall (in older homes) or tiles to buckle and drop as they become saturated with water.

Early Signs – if you don’t have a visible water leak and your water bill is rising, this could be an indication of a serious plumbing leak. If this is the case, you should have your plumbing checked.

If you have sustained water damage, call Restoration 1 Queens for an assessment and detailed estimate for restoration.

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